“We facilitate relevant community based programmes and services that develop the Mind, Spirit and Body of the youths and the less privileged on the basis of equality, equity and justice and in accordance with the Christian mandate”  (Adopted March, 1994)

This is without prejudice to Africa and World Alliance shared mission statements.


“The Young Men’s Christian Associations seek to unite those young men who, regarding Jesus Christ as their God and Saviour according to the Holy Scriptures,

desire to be His disciples in their faith and in their life, and to associate their efforts for the extension of His Kingdom among young men’’

‘’Any differences of opinion on other subject, however important in themselves shall not interfere with the harmonious relationship of the Constituent Members and Associates of the World Alliance”

(Adapted in Paris, France in 1855 and re-affirmed, inter alia, in 1973 in Kampala, Uganda),


Our goal is for all our members to live a Christ-like life with humility, tolerance and respect for human dignity. The willingness to freely carry out exemplary voluntary services to the community without discrimination and encouraging the spirit of inter-dependence within the organisation is our focus.

Our beliefs and aspirations include:

  • Love, tolerance, forgiveness, faith, understanding and dedication,
  • Open membership and Christian leadership;
  • Non-discrimination in service on the basis of sex, religion, ethnicity or creed;
  • Selflessness in service to God and humanity,
  • Quality of leadership
  • -Effective and humane service delivery,
  • -Perseverance in the face of failure;
  • -Collaboration with government and other non-governmental organisations in the provision of social programmes and services;
  • -Promoting the sanctity of human life;
  • Christian witnessing;
  • -Being accountable and transparent.
  • -Fostering unity across denominations or boundaries;
  • -Religious tolerance;
  • -Cherishing and promoting democratic principles and values.


(i) To unite and promote the permanence of existing Local Associations in Nigeria, to render assistance to those YMCAs as may be appropriate from time  to time and to aid in the formation of new YMCAs.

(ii) To promote unity of action and co-operation among Local Associations in Nigeria.

(iii) To promote, sponsor and organise Courses, Conferences, Camps and any such enterprises which can best be undertaken at national level including hostel, education, leadership and other community programmes and services.

(iv) To help and guide in the recruitment and training of full time YMCA Professional Secretaries and support staff.

(v) To act as Trustees for YMCAs whenever and wherever requested to do so.

(vi) To ensure that local YMCAs comply with the vision, mission, principles, policies and philosophy of the YMCA international in line with the Paris Basis.

(vii) To co-operate with other national and international organisations having purposes consistent with the YMCA ideals