Chief Timothy Lajide Oyesina, a business man from Ibadan in the western part of Nigeria brought YMCA to Nigeria. He started the YMCA in 1925 with the formation of YMCA of Kano in the North-western part of Nigeria.

Together with his friends, Chief T. L. Oyesina who later became the founding National President founded many YMCAs in Nigeria.


On the 22nd December, 1962, twenty-eight delegates representing some ten Local Associations known as YOUNG MEN’S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION meeting in the City of Benin, Nigeria, passed the following resolution:-

“That a National Council of YMCAs be formed” and did further elect a Committee of nine from among themselves to draft a Constitution for the National Council of YMCAs, which was adopted in 1973 at Kaduna.

The Chief Administrator and the first indigenous National General Secretary/Chief Executive Officer was Mr. Cornelius Taiwo Olaomo from YMCA of Lagos followed by Mr. Istifanus Dauda Akpoko (now Late) from Kaduna YMCA. The third National General Secretary/Chief Executive Officer was Mr. Adesola Afuye followed by Mr. Samuel A. Ehuwa, both from YMCA of Lagos. The current National General Secretary/Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Akinola Adekunle Omolola is the fifth person to hold the office.

The National Council of YMCAs of Nigeria is a leading movement for young people in Nigeria regardless of sex, religion, ethnic background, social status or political inclination.
Its found in more than fifty five cities and communities presently in 15 out of 36 states in Nigeria including the federal capital territory Abuja.
The National Council of YMCAs of Nigeria founded in 1962 is a member of the Africa and World Alliances of YMCAs. The YMCA is the oldest and largest movement for young people in the world.

Principal Officers.